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This is a gentle detoxifying manual exfoliant. The biggest mistake I see people make with their skin is over exfoliation. Over exfoliation can lead to accelerated signs of aging and inflammation. We need a barrier to protect our skin from the elements and to give us that healthy glow we all want. The Clearing Powder is the perfect gentle exfoliant that helps stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen without damaging your delicate protective layers. This blend not only exfoliates, it’s also providing a detoxifying cleanse.Can be used as a manual exfoliant, double cleanse after or mixed with your facial oil, or a spot treatment to breakouts. Recommend use is 2-4 times per month.



Levigated Pearl Powder - promotes cellular repair, hydration, and protects skin from the elements.

Kaolin Clay - gently cleanses, purifies skin.

Arrowroot Powder - moisturizes skin, eliminates toxins.

Sodium Bicarbonate - sloughs off dead skin without damaging your protective layer.

Activated Charcoal - cleanses Skin, unclogs pores, removes deep impurities.

*Comes in a 2 oz amber glass jar. All products are always organic and handmade in small batches.

Clearing Powder Exfoliant

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  • Levigated Pearl Powder, Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Activated Charcol.

    *All ingredients are always organic.

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