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 At the age of 11 I told my mother "I want to go to a spa where they use real food as products on your face." I'm proud to say, I achieved just that. I became a licensed esthetician in 2011 graduating as both Valedictorian and with Honors in skin. After the birth of my first daughter the same year, I began to struggle with adult acne and eczema. After finding little help from western education and products, I set out to find the answers.


In 2015 I opened Rosewater Holistic Skin Studio. In my practice skin care is treated holistically, meaning that I look at your body as whole rather than parts. During sessions I use my apothecary style back bar to create organic, fresh and custom products for each client.

After years of never finding what my clients and I really wanted for home care, I made it. In the spring of 2017, I began formulating my own skin care line, Rosarium. A small batch, organic skin care line that brings a simple yet beautiful ritual to everyday life. A line that is built on honesty rather than sales. With products that can be used for multiple uses to simplify your routines. All the while using only the highest quality ingredients sourced ethically and responsibly.

What started as a small idea born out of need, has grown into a line that is now being used by so many others outside of my studio walls. While the brand may be growing, it will always stay true to its promise:

Always Organic

Always Handmade

Always Honest

Haley is the 2011 Valedictorian graduate of Paul Mitchell Sacramento. She graduated with Honors in both Skin & Makeup Education, as well as making the Deans List. Haley is a certified Dien Chan Zone® Operator through A.I.R.F.I. - International Academy Of Italian Facial Reflexology. She is also certified in Advanced Clinical Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation through Nefeli ™ by Dr. Ping Zhang. Throughout her career she has recieved certifications in permanent cosmetics, hungarian massage techniques, Tuning Fork Sound Therapies and many more A life student, Haley will continue her education to always provide the best services and products.



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