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An Organic Wellness Intimate Moisturizer forW o m e n / M o t h e r s / & theirL o v e r s..This product started way back at the beginning of my pregnancy in early 2020. But has evolved into so much more. This is also the first product that was a collaboration with all the women around me. I asked what you wanted and here she is!.Altar has 3 main uses:1.) Personal Moisturizer- that will help aide in daily vulva dryness and imbalances. Apply daily to the entire vulva area in order to help keep harmony in your nether regions and help prevent ingrowns.2.) Pre/Post Labor Vulva and Perineal Massage- to help increase elasticity and help your body prepare for your birthing process as much as possible. After delivery can be applied to help soothe and tone the delicate Vulva area. May also be applied to Cesarean Scar to help speed up heal time and reduce scaring. 3.) Lovers Lubricant - And finally, it’s to use as a lubricant during self or partnered love making. Traditional lubricants contain ingredients that disturb your natural balance and also deplete your yoni of its much needed moisture.  Finally something that is actually healing while you work!*Not suggested to use in conjunction with latex condoms or any other forms of contraception that call for water-based lubricants only. As oil can possibly break down latex. Ingredients:A healing blend of organic calendula flower infused jojoba, virgin coconut, tamanu, sea buckthorn co2 , essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood. * All ingredients are always organic. **Comes in an amber glass bottle.

Altar Intimate Wellness Moisturizer

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