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g i f t   c e r t i f i c a t e s

o n l i n e   +   i n   p e r s o n

n e e d   h e l p   c h o o s i n g?

most common gift amounts include:

$150 - 90 min Bespoke Facial                         $175 - 1 hr 45 min Bespoke Holistic Facial

$200 - 2 hr 15 min Rosewater Ritual                  $100- Set Amount


i n   p e r s o n

Gift certificates are always available for purchase in the shop during an existing appointment or if you set up an appointment to purchase. 


o n l i n e

Fill out the form to purchase securely online. 

Thats simple.

 Your loved one can call and make an appointment right away. 

Want a physical gift certificate?


If your computer is connected to a printer, you will have the option to print a generic certificate from home. 


If you would still like to receive a handcrafted gift certificate to give on a special day or want one sent directly to the recipient, email the following after checkout and have it mailed free of charge!




online gift certificate


address to be delivered, your name and recipients name.

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